McAfee Multi-Access

Why Take A Chance With Security?

All devices. Always protected. It’s important to us to help protect businesses and there’s no better way than McAfee Multi Access. It protects against viruses, spam, malware and identity theft making sure documents and customer data are safe. It covers all types of devices, so not only is a PC safe but so is a smartphone, tablet and iPad. All from only £3 a month.

Taking Care Of Everything...

  • A single McAfee Multi Access subscription covers up to five devices.
  • Set up is easy with no upfront costs and a single monthly fee.
  • Auto back-up that’s easy to restore to keep everything safe and secure.
  • Online management for adding devices.
  • Always up-to-date with the latest information.
  • Flags untrustworthy websites and changes in WiFi connection before you enter.
  • Works on all browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Stops spam and phishing emails and encrypts data.
  • Doesn’t drain battery.
  • If a smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, it can be found, locked and wiped.
  • Take a picture of the person trying to open it, send them a message or make the device scream.
  • Puts all passwords in one place so you only have to remember one.


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